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Car Deal Calculator Pro was developed especially for the big screen of the iPad. I made it easier to see everything at once because everything now fits better on one screen. All the things that the iPhone version of this app has are here, only with a few more options that are allowed because of the space on the bigger screen.

Now you can figure a trade-in into the equation. There is a spot for the value of your trade, and a place for the pay-off. Some states tax the equity of the trade and some do not. You set that preference based on how your state figures tax. If you have equity or negative equity (owe more that the trade is worth) CarDealCalc Pro will show you how it fits into the deal.


This application is designed to give the buyer of a vehicle the ability to figure not only payments, but the actual deal itself. If you input a sale price plus any other information that you have, the app will figure for you the amount financed, or "Out The Door Price", plus the payment based on your input of interest rate and term. If you input the amount financed, the app will figure out for you the sale price and the payment.

******Car Deal Calculator Pro will also let you input a payment and then ask you how you want to achieve that payment by rolling the
-sale price
-interest rate
-term (length of loan)
-down payment
-trade equity.

This feature is what makes this app different than the others, because this feature is what the dealerships use to give them the best advantage over you. Now you can take that advantage away from them.

I also give you a direct link to "Kelly Blue Book" and "NADA Guides." Look up the value of a vehicle, see if what you are being asked to pay is really what the vehicle is worth.

Use the tools that the dealerships use. Get Car Deal Calculator Pro and never buy a car when you are unprepared again.