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Archangel: Vengeance of the Makuzi Ascendancy

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  • Simulation
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The cult-favorite space tactical shooter is now available for the iPad!

Simply tap on the screen to maneuver your ship. Hold down a weapons button, then tap in the direction you wish to fire. It's that simple, yet increasingly challenging, fun and addictive!

- Command your own starship
- Fire phasers and torpedoes
- Jump around the sector
- Fend off against alien warships
- Evade asteroids and mines
- Dock with planets for repair
- Engage the enemy mothership!

If you're a fan of all the latest blockbuster Sci-Fi TV shows and movies, you'll have a blast with this game.

Originally started as a proof-of-concept, this is game that is and will be continued to be developed to be similar and surpass the original release of Archangel: Fate of the Galactic Commonwealth.

VERSION 1.1 IS A MAJOR UPDATE that resolves many issues and provides the most wanted feature requests. Thank you for all your support!