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Control It

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Version 2.0 is almost a new game, yet the description still the same: Land the two birds at same time in the same place, the red X spot.

It's not only that the birds move in opposite directions, but also in opposite step sizes, so the distance one bird moves in one direction is the same as the distance the other bird moves in the opposite direction and vice versa.

The cliché remains "You'll love it and enjoy it when you try to control it" However remember when I said before that the coming levels will be much harder, and now we're here!

Don't buy it if you think it's easy! You've to be very smart to solve it, or it might get very frustrating and you will break your device, and in that case you can't hold me responsible!

Hold your iPad in both hands and use your thumbs to tap on any of the 4 dark corners and try to control it until it lands on the X

Thanks for your patience, all the promises are fulfilled now:
1.Total of 20 levels
2.Much much better animation
3.Ability to change the background
4.Flying sound

In addition to the features above, the game now has a completely new appearance..

1.Some levels are easier to solve in portrait mode and some levels are easier to solve in landscape mode, so if you got stuck, just rotate your iPad.
2.You don't have to land it exactly in the center of the X spot to win (just close enough)
3.No need at all and no benefit whatsoever from touching more than a corner at the same time, unless you want to make-up your own playing style, no problem.

Good luck,