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OneClickCall is the fastest phone dialer
on the app store.

OneClickCall does not need to open Safari
or a web Browser to place the call.

OneClickCall allows you to place a call
to any number in just one click.

You can change the OneClickCall phone
number anytime, as many times as you like.

To set the OneClickCall phone number,
go to the OneClickCall settings tab
found in the Settings app.


There are some comments that this app uses safari to process the call. 

"It opens the browser to make the call, as do many other similar app .."

This is not true, and this is why our app is faster then the rest, it processes the number directly to the phone app. And if it did use safari, you would be brought back to safari after the call, which isn't the case, your left in the phone app.

We do not collect any numbers that are saved. The number is saved on the device and there is no way for us, nor would we want to, collect your saved numbers.