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Times Table Clock

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BEAT THE JOKERS! Learn times tables on the clock. A fun, addictive game of clock solitaire that lets you effortlessly learn times tables as you play.

Can you get all the cards in position before you find the fourth joker?


• Can be played as standard clock solitaire (using the 1x table), or to learn any of the times tables from 2x to 12x
• Change how often you win, from random shuffle (1/13 games) to always-win!!
• Self-correcting
• Ideal for reinforcing both multiplication AND division facts
• A game of chance, making it motivating and addictive regardless of ability
• A VISUAL way to learn tables that relies on spatial position and colour instead of counting through the table – great for anyone who has difficulty with rote memory or sequencing
• Also teaches telling the time: play the 1x table to learn the hours and the 5x table to learn the minutes
• Each game takes minutes
• For ages 6 to adult

Learning Times Tables:

• It's just like clock solitaire, but the numbers in the times table go at each clock position, and the clock faces (jokers) go in the middle
• For example, in the 3x table, 3 goes at one o'clock, 6 goes at two o'clock, 9 goes at 3 o'clock, etc.
• After only a few games of a particular times table, players very quickly associate the number with the spatial position, making recall of the facts simple – for 3x7, they only need to think what card went at seven o’clock, or for 21 divided by 3, they just need to think where the ‘21’ card went.
• Colour coding can be a memory cue for those who have strong visual memories – each table has a specific colour in the game (e.g., 3 is turquoise and 7 is gold). A particular multiplication fact will always be in the same combination of colours (e.g., turquoise/gold is only used for 7x3 and 3x7).
• Doesn't rely on phonological skills like rote repetition does
• Using spatial positions makes sequencing easier
• Multisensory – kinaesthetic (touch), visual (colour) and spatial cues to memory
• Ideal for those with dyslexia and dyscalculia – designed by a experienced teacher of pupils with specific learning difficulties