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DateTime - Date and Time Calculator

iPhone / iPad
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"Great and Amazing. This is the smartest app I have seen for a long time and it becomes very handy in a lot of situations. This will soon be a number one app everybody wants and has on his or her iPhone." Five star review by sonic_1212

"Just what I needed! Spent ages looking through date and time calculation apps before stumbling across this one by accident! I've never seen anything this versatile or intuitive. Already found it very useful." Five star review by sparkyjf

A world first, DateTime takes the simplicity of a normal calculator and extends it to allow the calculation of any combination of dates and times (as well as just numbers).

Some Examples;

- You are in finance or law and need to know the the expiry date of a contract 120 days from today. Type "Today + 120 Days =" to see the answer.

- You know that a component is expected to last 10,000 hours and want to schedule a service in 7,500 hours. Type "Today + 7500 Hours =" and the answer, April 6th 2011 at the time of writing, will be shown.

- You are in planning and need to know how many weeks there are between the next and last Olympics. Type "7/27/12 - 8/8/08 =". The answer "3 years 11 months 19 days" will be displayed. Press the Weeks button to see the answer "207 weeks" displayed in weeks.

- You work in science and need to know the exact time one hundred and sixty five hours from now. Press the Today button twice to enter the current date and time and then type "+ 165 hours =". The exact date and time 165 hours from now will be shown.

- You want to know how old you were on your wedding day. Type your wedding date - your birth date =. You want to know how many days older your father is than your mother. Type your fathers birth date - your mothers birth date and then press the Days button to see the answer in days.

DateTime knows about Leap Years and takes them into account in it's calculations. It even knows about the transition from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar in 1582 and the missing ten days in October of that year. It will reliably make date and time calculations thousands of years into the future and the past.