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Coin Magic!

  • Entertainment
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Anyone can be a magician! The trick: You show your friend Coin Magic!’s virtual coin, which you can move around and play with. With a flourishing touch, you wave your hand over the iPhone WITHOUT touching the screen and, to your friend’s astonishment, the coin disappears! You easily make it reappear again. Here's the kicker: you hand the phone to your friend and the trick ISN'T REPLICABLE even if they restart the app. Astonish your friends with this simple, elegant trick!

- Simple, easy-to-learn trick that will leave your friends wowed
- Beautiful interface with movable coin
- Coin disappears WITHOUT any physical touching of the screen
- Trick that ISN'T replicable when you give it to your friends to try
- Explanation of trick and a few settings included
- It really looks like magic, especially when your friends can't make the coin vanish!

-Coin Magic! is for the IPHONE ONLY. Please do not buy if you have an iPod Touch or iPad as they are not supported.

The first time you run the app, a settings pane will open, containing a few settings and instructions on how to perform the trick. You can access this screen again at any time by simply tapping the screen 7 times.

I've used this trick on a lot of people. All of them were amazed and none of them could figure it out!

What are you waiting for? Get ready to astonish your friends and become a magician with Coin Magic!