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4 Pillars i-Destiny

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Master Mas's 4 Pillars i-Destiny or BaZi
Unbelievably quick, easy and the simplest way to access your destiny code! Just key in your birthday and it instantly plots your Chinese 4 Pillars birth chart. You can immediately access this ancient wisdom because all luck cycles will show star rating analysis with explanations of the favorable & unfavorable effects. You do not require Chinese language or background knowledge of BaZi or 4 Pillars of Destiny to discover your personal relationship, health, wealth and career perspectives, plan your extraordinary life adventures and share your discoveries with family and friends.
Be as it may, good timing is crucial to all types of luck. By simply knowing your destiny chart and energy cycles, you can determine your own actions to enhance and improve your life. You can make informed decisions to maximize your health, wealth, career and romantic potentials by assertively stirring towards your goals with higher chances of success when prosperous energy cycle arrives. Conversely, you can prepare and exercise caution when negative cycle approaches. When used in conjunction with Feng Shui and date selection to complete the Cosmic Trinity of 'Heaven-Man-Earth', the results can be very profound.
In this software, Master Mas has integrated his unique methodology in calculating the strength of the 'Day Master' based on comprehensive analysis of the interactions between the year, month, day, and hour pillar elements. He has incorporated his long experience, many years of research and in depth knowledge of Chinese metaphysics into making '4Pillars i-Destiny' your personal indispensable companion in planning for your amazing life experiences ahead.
For the 'Pro Version' and more info on authentic Feng Shui that works, please visit Master Mas's school:

Things you can do with Master Mas's 4 Pillars i-Destiny:
Plot your personalized Chinese birth chart and discover your personal elements, animal sign and much more
Look deeper into your personal relationships, health, wealth and career perspectives and discover your true potential
Plan your actions and maximize your potentials according to your energy luck cycles and rhythms e.g. marrying the man of your dreams, career change, having a baby, etc.
Analyze your personal outlook in the 10-year, yearly, monthly and daily luck cycles

Unique things about this software:
Automatically calculates the strength of 'Day Master' and interactions with the different luck cycles using Master Mas's unique methodology
Instantly forecasting the daily, monthly, yearly and 10 year luck cycles
Easy to read analytical screen; simply click on the icon to go to the 'Analytical screen' which contains the following features:

Analytical Screen:
10 Year = 10 Luck cycle
Annual = Yearly luck cycle
Monthly = Monthly luck
Daily = Daily luck cycle
Note: All luck cycles will show star rating analysis and explanations of the favorable & unfavorable effects