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Who Is It? HD

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How many famous people do you know? You say "Oh, I know a lot of them". Check it! The application is based on the painting "Discussing the Divine Comedy with Dante" by chinese artists Dai Dudu, Li Tiezi, and Zhang An. This extraordinary painting depicting 103 figures from world history in striking detail. If you can guess at least half of them it will be great result!

You will get medals for good results, which you can show to your friends on facebook, twitter or send by mail.

But our app not only checks your knowledge, it also help to expand your horizons. In the application you can find information about all characters, links to Wikipedia, and also interesting facts about this painting

User comments:
"The Painting is brilliant, amazing! The artists are to be commended.
It would be a great tool for starting discussions on history, politics and the arts."
"Thank you so much for making this available. If you have any contact with the artists please pass on my thanks for creating something so wonderful."
"What a powerful and beautiful picture!
Thank you!"
"That painting is insane and amazing
It should be used in every classroom!!!"
"Fantastic! Awesome game, so many faces I recognize but can't put names too. Won't stop till I do!"

Enjoy and learn!