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ESP Training

iPhone / iPad
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It is an application that ESP training with the ESP card is simulated with iPhone.
This application is used by training ESP. *caution: This application have result buttons.

- About ESP Training
Target Of this Application is training your Extrasensory perception.
it help that improve your ability.

The effect for training is different by man.
Please, note it is not guarantee that power up X-ray vision.


- ESP(Extra-sensory perception)
also, commonly referred to as the sixth sense, involves reception of information not gained through the recognized physical senses but sensed with the mind.

- What's ESP Card?
It is a card designed by perceptual psychologist Karl Zener when he acts with his colleague, Dr. J. B. Rhine in Duke University parapsychology lab.
There are just different cards : a hollow circle(one curve), a Greek cross (two lines), three vertical wavy lines (or "waves"), a hollow square (four lines), and a hollow five-pointed star.
When ESP cards were first used, they were made out of a fairly thin translucent white paper. Several subjects or groups of subjects scored very highly until it was discovered that they had often been able to see the symbols through the backs of the cards.
Although ESP cards are usually used to test for clairvoyance, they may also be used for the right brain development, mental magic etc.


- Features
ESP training has been reproduced with the iPhone card.
Once you face down iPhone, appear ESP Card symbol.
You can check your condition from Graph.

- Manual
1. When prompt, please place flat and face down iPhone.
2. You face down iPhone, appear one of five symbols on screeen at random.
3. Without face up iPhone, read the symbol displayed.
4. Check the symbol by face up the iPhone, select the result button.
5. After repeat 20 times 1~4, the end result is displayed.

- Training History
You can check graph and average point of past 10 times.
And it also display your power level.

Level 0 : As Probability, You have not ESP.
Level 1 : Maybe you have a little ESP.
Level 2 : Possible. Please, Train harder.
Level 3 : You have ESP and also can use by daily
Level 4 : You have high ESP.
Level 5 : You have very high ESP.

- Telepathist Training(Application)
it is example playing two person.

1. It takes to the position opposite by two people.
2. The person on the side where the telepathy is received does the operation that turns down so that the screen side of the main body may become it below.
3. The main body is set up as the person on the side where the telepathy is sent sees the screen after the main body turns down.
4. The person on the sent side sends the sign image displayed on the screen to the person on the receiving side by the telepathy.
5. The person on the receiving side declares the sign of the received image.
6. It has so that the screen of the main body face upes, it changes, and the result of the telepathy is input.

Besides this, various training might be possible depending on your inspiration.