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Transfer photos quickly to a web site or server. QuickTrans can send
(GPS) location data and your own text with the image.

Ideal for people who repeatedly need to send images to a fixed network address.

Send images with ease
Quicktrans is designed to make sending images a snap. After you configure the app once, you can take one or more photos and upload them without any extra steps.

Compatible with Troi Activator for FileMaker Pro 11
QuickTrans is designed to work in tandem with Troi Activator Plug-in 3, our plug-in for FileMaker Pro 11. Troi Activator can receive the images sent by QuickTrans and put them into your FileMaker Pro database.

- Take photos or use from photo library
- Uses the POST method to send the data
- Optionally add extra text
- Optionally add location data
- Specify the accuracy of the location data

POST Data format used
Quicktrans will send the images to a web server with the POST method. It conforms to RFC1341, in that it will send the data as multi-part form data. This is the same as how most web forms work. The multi-part form data contains the following fields:

Name: Content-Type
fileContents: image/jpeg (binary JPEG data)
password: text (optional)
locationData: text (optional)
yourText: text (optional)
uploadButton: fixed text

Note: QuickTrans will *not* be able to send images to specific social media sites, like for example Flickr, as they require a specific API.

Location data format
The location data is formatted as follows:
"lat=12.34567&lon=12.34567 &accuracy=47&src=camera"

where lat indicates the latitude, lon the longitude, accuracy the accuracy in meters of the location and src indicates if the image was just taken with the camera or came from the photo library, which means the location data is not of the photo, but from the current position of the iOS device.

More details on our web site
Please check our web site for more detailed information.