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The GATCA app is an essential tool for responsible officers, relationship managers, and financial services professionals responsible for ensuring tax compliance.

If your firm is affected by detection and deterrence of tax evasion regulations such as FATCA, the OECD’s CRS and Automatic Exchange of Information, the US QI and NQI regulations, or Base Erosion and Profit Shifting regulations (BEPS), then the GATCA app is a vital tool for your compliance armoury.

We have brought together documents from a number of different public domain sources and added value through expert curation - giving the documents standard file names and publication dates, arranging them into folders according to jurisdiction, and providing practical tools to support your compliance programme.

Features include:


The GATCA app includes a comprehensive library of public domain documents that have been curated by TConsult to help to explain regulatory compliance obligations in a number of different jurisdictions, including the EU, OECD, US and UK.

The documents are organised into an easily navigable folder structure, and have smart file names to help you quickly identify the document you need.

Documents featured in the app include, but are not limited to:

- Announcements
- Notices
- Bills
- Statutory Instruments
- Regulation
- Competent Authority Agreements
- Intergovernmental Agreements
- FFI Lists
- Forms
- Revenue Procedures
- Instructions
- Guidance Notes
- Latest Lawsuits
- Publications
- Technical Specifications


Search for the document you need by title or keyword.


Carry all the relevant documentation around with you on your smartphone or tablet, and access it even when there is no internet connection available.


Receive new documents and updates every quarter. For more regular updates, please subscribe to our online GATCA Resource Library at


Receive new articles and podcasts containing industry analysis from trusted sources.


Use practical tools to support your work and planning, including the “Is Your Client An American?” test and event timers.

Watch the video walkthrough here:

Visit for further information about GATCA and the GATCA Resource Library.
If you have any questions or feedback about the app, please email