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DM Tools: Random Encounters (d20 4e)

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DM Toolset: Random Encounters provides random tables for monster encounters, magic items and treasure bundles to make a dungeon master's life easier. In addition to quick-and-easy encounters and treasure, the toolset also provides a handy dice roller.

DM Toolset: Random Encounters supports Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (AD&D) monsters and treasure from the 4th edition rules. The method for creating encounters is based on the guidelines set out in the d20 ruleset, including mixing front line roles like soldiers and skirmishers with other roles such as artillery and controller. The encounter engine uses intelligent matching to help create realistic encounters.

The treasure tables include the ability to roll for standard and heroic treasure. DMs will also be able to roll up an entire treasure parcel, which uses AD&D guidelines on treasure amount, magic item types and levels.

And for the DM that simply wants to roll up a quick random magic item, the DM Toolset allows for completely random or very specific level-dependent magic items. Weapons and Armor will appear with a specific type (long sword, ax, etc.) along with the restrictions for DMs who want to make sure someone in the party can use the item.

Players call also utilize the DM Toolset's random encounters to create their own mini-adventures for those gaming sessions when the DM doesn't show. By using the 'repeat' button on monster encounters, players can roll until they find an appropriate set of mobs (such as orcs, goblins or giants) and then 'repeat' to create a string of encounters (filling up a fort, tower or dungeon). And the included random magic item and treasure tables can help provide a nice ending to the evening.