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This app that details the necessary steps required to learn colonoscopy. It is directed at doctors beginning their endoscopy training. It summarises the rules of thumb that will enable you to avoid the common and consistent mistakes made by trainees.

The text is simple and to the point. It was motivated by the observation that many text books on procedural medicine suffer from one of more of the following problems:

•They are unbelievably expensive (There is currently an obscure medical text for sale through Amazon for the bargain price of $496)
•They contain so many verbose chapters on the physics of endoscope optics or infection control that it is impossible to find relevant information quickly
•They equate the lengthy reference of low level, flawed and out-of-date evidence with authority

Arguably, text is not the best way to teach procedural medicine. But it can provide a great head start when access to scope time is limited. You'll need to get your hands dirty at some point to prove or disprove the recommendations in the app.

If you like the efficiency of UptoDate, the concision of Zachary Cope and the candidness of Moshe Schein then hopefully you'll gain something from this short text.

It also includes a logbook to allow you to track your procedures and export the data

"I wish I'd read this last year" - 2nd year trainee