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A mind-crippling prediction from a borrowed cell phone!
From the creators of iForce and theory11 comes the next revolutionary magic app. Search "iPredict magic" on YouTube.

Imagine you walk up to a friend and ask her to whisper ANY playing card in your ear. She whispers 'Queen of Clubs'. You hold no cards - it doesn’t matter. You tell your friend about someone named Christen - someone you shared a crazy experience with. You ask your friend to give Christen a call. She pulls out her OWN phone and dials Christen's number.

The phone begins to ring, yet it goes to voicemail. No worries. In the message, Christen explains that she doesn’t know who is calling but she can see your friend's thoughts.
She sees a card. She sees the Queen of Clubs - at that point, the message ends.
This all happens in the hands of the spectator!

The phone call or text message looks completely real - because it IS completely real! On their OWN phone.
Standard phone and text message rates to the USA may apply.

The secret happens on your phone, but the magic happens on their OWN phone.

You don’t even have to call! With iPredict+ you can have your spectator send a text.

The call will forever leave your audience with an unbelievable story - a text will leave them with proof of it!

It doesn't matter if you're in a loud club or an intimate dinner. A phone is the most casual way to start a performance with impact.

iPredict+ is a simple trick that ANYONE can do, because your phone does all the work.

★ Easy to do. Includes written/video instructions and a Training Mode.
★ Any card can be selected from a real or imaginary deck of cards (No Force).
★ NEW! With iPredict+ you can have your audience call or TEXT.
★ NEW EFFECTS! You can download Nadia who predicts numbers or Murray who predicts cards in a scary voice.
★ You can hand out Christen's number, before you start, to show there's only ONE phone number.
★ Print Christen's biz card on your printer. (link included)
★ Customize Christen's contact with your own unique name, photo, and phone number.
★ Camouflage iPredict+ to make your iPhone completely examinable.
★ No voice recognition.
★ They can use THEIR PHONE !?!? (mobile or landline)

READY TO BE THE LIFE OF THE PARTY? Download iPredict+ now.

"iPredict+ is a VERY COOL trick using new methods to achieve an organic effect. HIGHLY recommended!" - Angelo Carbone (Out of Order, Floating Card, Magic SMS)

"This is a MUST HAVE for any performer. Simple, Powerful, REAL Magic!" - Eric Ross (Crush, Rizer, Election)

"The reactions of iPredict+ are PRICELESS! THEIR card on THEIR phone! It doesn't get any better." - Bob Kohler (Aces In Their Faces, Human Phone Number)