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Mom's Favorite Recipes

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My Mom and Grandma were great cooks.

They cooked all kinds of great dishes for their families. Many of the recipes they used were handed down from other family members and some came from old cookbooks.

When I would ask for one of the recipes that I remembered from my childhood, many times my Mom would reach in a kitchen drawer and pull out an old piece of yellowed paper that she had written the recipe on many years ago.

I decided that these recipes needed to be preserved for my children and theirs.

I typed up all the recipes on my computer and when I was done I thought... wow, this would be a great collection to share with others.

That is why I have put together Mom's Favorite Family Recipes.

This is a collection of 190 recipes handed down through my family and provided to you in an easy to use book.

Just take a look at some of the recipes included in this collection:

★ Chicken: American Chicken
★ Chicken: Apricot Chicken
★ Chicken: B.B.Q. Chicken Drumsticks
★ Chicken: Cheesy Tomato Chicken
★ Chicken: Chicken & Spinach Slice
★ Chicken: Chicken Curry
★ Chicken: Chicken in Peanut Sauce
★ Chicken: Chop Chop Chicken
★ Chicken: Easy Lemon Chicken
★ Chicken: Honey & Soy Chicken Legs
★ Pork: Cheese & Bacon Puffs
★ Pork: Fillet of Pork with Mustard Cream
★ Pork: Honey Pork with Sherry Sauce
★ Pork: Lemon Pork & Vegetables
★ Pork: Oriental Barbecued Spareribs
★ Beef: Baked Steak & Onion
★ Beef: Beef & Pasta Bake
★ Beef: Beef & Tomato Curry
★ Beef: Beef Curry
★ Beef: Beef in Red Wine
★ Beef: Beef Royale
★ Beef: Beef Satays with Spicy Peanut Sauce
★ Lamb: Arabian Lamb Casserole
★ Lamb: Baked Short Loin Chops
★ Lamb: Lamb Chop Casserole
★ Lamb: Lamb Shanks & BBQ Sauce
★ Seafood: Cajun Baked Fish
★ Seafood: Cocktail Sauce for Prawn Cocktail
★ Seafood: Crumb Mixture to Coat Fish
★ Seafood: Curried Prawns
★ Seafood: Curried Tuna Mornay
★ Seafood: Curry Tuna Macaroni
★ Seafood: Fabulous Fish & Chips
★ Seafood: Oysters Kilpatrick
★ Soups: Corn & Pumpkin Soup
★ Soups: Italian Vegetable Soup
★ Soups: Microwave Chowder
★ Soups: Pea & Ham Soup
★ Salads: Banana Salad
★ Salads: BBQ Rice Salad
★ Salads: Bean Salad
★ Salads: Coleslaw
★ Salads: Curried Potato Salad
★ Salads: Jamaican Rice Salad
★ Salads: Layered Salad
★ Biscuits: Apricot Balls
★ Biscuits: Best-Ever Anzac Biscuits
★ Biscuits: Cornflake Biscuits
★ Biscuits: Gingernuts
★ Biscuits: Peanut Crisps
★ Cakes: Christmas Cake
★ Cakes: Cream Cheese Icing
★ Cakes: Easy Butter Cakes
★ Cakes: Easy Butter Icing
★ Cakes: Simple Glace Icing
★ Desserts: Apple Crumble
★ Desserts: Apple Delight
★ Desserts: Chocolate Cream Squares
★ Desserts: Chocolate Date Pudding
★ Desserts: Chocolate Meringue Pie
★ Dips: Boiled Egg Dip
★ Dips: Bread Cob Loaf
★ Dips: Corn Relish Dip
★ Dips: Delicious Dip
★ Dips: Dutch Curry Dip
★ Eggs: 40 Second Omelette
★ Eggs: Chinese Omelettes
★ Eggs: Curried Eggs
★ Pasta: Cheese & Spinach Pasta
★ Pasta: Cheesy Noodle Bake
★ Pasta: Fettuccine
★ and much, Much More!

These are recipes that my family loved and I am sure your family will love as well.

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