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Citicus MOCA

iPhone / iPad
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Citicus MOCA Version 1.2 for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch enables you to assess the criticality of individual assets and processes that your organization depends on, using a highly-respected, business-oriented technique that takes just minutes to complete. Its results provide an objective basis for decision-making about how risk should be managed in relation to the assets and processes that contribute most to your organization's success.


You can use this premier quality, business tool to evaluate the criticality of new, proposed and existing:
- information systems
- data centres and other parts of your IT infrastructure
- IT service providers
- suppliers of other products and services
- offices
- factories
- warehouses
- industrial control systems (eg SCADA)
- retail outlets
- other assets / processes of importance to your organization.


The technique employed by Citicus MOCA (scenario-based business impact assessment) has been proven across thousands of real assessments. It enables you to put a value on the 'what's at stake' part of the risk equation by identifying the maximum credible loss your organization could suffer if an asset or process were to be compromized - by whatever means (accidental or deliberate).

Using Citicus MOCA you can record an asset or process's worst-case loss scenario, along with details of the types and severity of harm this would cause your organization. Citicus MOCA uses this to calculate the asset or process's criticality in a way that permits comparison with other assets and processes, and to highlight its need for protection. These results are produced immediately by Citicus MOCA.


You can use Citicus MOCA on its own, but you'll gain most value from it if you upload completed assessments to our free Citicus Barista processing service, your organization's Citicus ONE risk and compliance management system or any other system that supports Citicus MOCA's prescribed web service.

If you upload completed assessments for processing by our free Citicus Barista service or by your organization's Citicus ONE risk and compliance management system, a full-size set of results in PDF form will be e-mailed to you in return, normally within seconds. These provide a comprehensive record of each evaluation in a form suitable for circulation to decision-makers.


Citicus MOCA has been designed as a simplifier, usable by anyone with an interest in managing risk well, including:
- business decision-makers
- IT security practitioners
- IT staff
- project managers
- physical security staff
- procurement staff
- process engineers
- manufacturing, maintenance or logistics staff
- auditors and inspectors.


Citicus MOCA's outstanding usability and aesthetics, proven method of quantifying what's at stake, top-quality reporting and ability to work with other risk tools provide a strong foundation for upgrading your organization's risk management practices.

Its widespread use in your organization will help all involved:
- assess what's at stake quickly, cheaply and effectively
- focus security assessments on the assets most deserving of protection
- make the case for, and get best value for money from, remediation activity.

In addition, using it will help you and others elevate your thinking about who should have access to the next generation of risk tools.


Citicus MOCA is easy to use and intuitive. It comes complete with a fully-worked sample assessment which you can load at any time and a comprehensive user guide is available, explaining how to make the most of its capabilities. You can download this free of charge from