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When you call a business, ChoiceView allows you to talk or chat on your iOS device while you see documents, images, forms and menus sent from a contact center agent or interactive voice response (IVR) system. During the call, you can also send your own photos, videos and form data directly to the business. It's a new way to communicate that has endless possibilities.

Download the ChoiceView app and make any required settings. Then tap the Try Demo button to connect to a ChoiceView visual IVR. At the end of the IVR demo, you can transfer to a live agent for further demos. You can also see a ChoiceView video at The ChoiceView app is FREE and allows you to have a visual transaction with any ChoiceView-enabled business or individual. An Internet connection is required.

Integrated voice and visual communications produce “Wow, now I see what you’re talking about!” moments. Callers receive better information faster with an increase in user comprehension. ChoiceView-enabled contact centers create profit opportunities by enabling customer upselling and improving user satisfaction. Operational ROI is improved through reduced call handling time.

If you're a business that would like to use ChoiceView, please contact Radish. ChoiceView is a simple, software-only update that is totally compatible with existing phone and IVR systems. You'll quickly gain a more productive and cost-saving way to interact with your mobile customers.

* Visual IVRs. Are you frustrated with "Press 1 for Sales" when you call a business? With ChoiceView, you can instantly see menu options instead of listening to lengthy voice prompts. You can easily navigate tappable menus and view visual information in response. You can transfer to a live agent and continue the visual sharing.

* Complex Information Exchange. You may have to call a medical center to get guidance from a nurse. On a ChoiceView call, you can also receive visual information on appropriate first aid and medications. You can even send a photo of your injury for the nurse to review. You can save visuals in the ChoiceView app for future reference.

* Technical Support. Tired of wasting time while a remote technician reads complex instructions to you? With ChoiceView, a technician can send you diagrams and step-by-step visual instructions during the call to greatly simplify the process.

* Mobile Commerce. Have you ever abandoned a website session in frustration? When help is needed, you can launch ChoiceView directly from a mobile website. Session information is automatically transferred so the agent knows exactly how to answer your call and complete the transaction.

To learn more, please visit or contact Radish at 720.440.7560.

For the ChoiceView App User Guide, go to

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