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Topspin Forehand P

iPhone / iPad
  • Sports
  • Education
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This version is for the iPhone/iPod Touch. The iPad version is available separately.

In "Keys to Modern Tennis Technique: One-Handed Topspin Forehand," Doug King continues his in-depth examination of the modern game, this time focusing on how to develop the kind of powerful, effortless topspin forehands you see at the professional level. This app, which runs nearly 2 hours, more than twice the average instructional DVD, will cover every aspect of transforming your forehand into a powerful weapon. You'll learn that developing a great topspin forehand is not about "hitting" and "swinging" at the ball harder, but allowing the body's rotational power to flow into a rhythmic "stroking" model for your forehand. This model shows you how to truly connect with the ball, generating more power and control with a manageable and efficient motion. This app also provides in-depth slow-motion analysis, showing you the subtle nuances of preparation, take-back, dropping into the slot, contact, and follow-through. Additionally, there are a number of extremely innovative drills for you to practice so you can easily grasp and internalize everything you've learned. Finally, as in all of Doug King's videos, you'll find you've learned more than just how to develop a great forehand. You'll learn the "feel" of how the pros play, and learn a way to enjoy the game at its highest level.