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My Baby Sleeps

iPhone / iPad
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  • Medical
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From the creators of the award-winning and successful iSleep Sphere comes My Baby Sleeps.

My Baby Sleeps is an application that will help your baby to sleep better at night by simulating the sound of the womb. Birth is the beginning of all life, and a special moment in the lives of parents and children, but it’s also dramatic for the baby. The environment in which the newborn has been living for months changed to a much more aggressive. Noises, ambient sounds, temperature differences and other factors make the baby feels uncomfortable during the first months and even years.

This is even more dramatic in premature babies because they are not prepared to face the environment.

My Baby Sleeps simulates the sound of the womb and heart. By hearing it the baby will calm down immediately and will be able to sleep quickly and deeply, remembering the security that his mother gave him in the womb.

We also have included a white noise generator, a well known sound in sleeping aid science.

Help your baby to sleep better during his early years with My Baby Sleeps!


The My Baby Sleeps sounds were recorded using the latest recording techniques available today, using the highest quality in all production processes with specialist advice. This product has been tested in laboratories and in real life to ensure the quality and effectiveness, achieving a remarkable success and improvement in sleep for babies.


* Audio supports multitasking.

*High quality sound recorded at 24 bits and 48 kHz.

* Audio loops perfect for listening to audio without interruption or clicking

* Audio mastering professional sound studio using the latest techniques and professional equipment

* Audio files of the application are high quality WAV PCM lossless compression

* The audio has been cut below 80 Hz to not overlap with white noise

* High quality graphical interface compatible with Retinal Display

* Timer: Set the time you want the sound application

* Full help and detailed instructions

* Universal: the version of the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch are on the same download