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Once upon a time there was a tired child, an exhausted, innocent baby that needed sleep but was not able to fall into dreamland. Then his resourceful parents learned that there is an app for that.

Lullaby is an application that has a vast array of classic soothing lullabies from yesteryear, peaceful songs that are soft-noted and gentle, selected to calm and hush your child into dreamland.

We have created a timing setting which allows your chosen lullaby to gently end after your selected time, and of course it is very easy to use. This feature alone is a great way to lull your child to sleep, however there is more.

As an entertaining device, you can select and save your our special ambient sounds to sooth and calm, or to simply occupy attention of your child interactively, and once again, it is very easy to use.

There is also a "gentle-wake" alarm setting as well, so you or your child can be awaken in a non-intrusive manner, which makes for a great start to another exciting day.


* Fantastic child-pleasing graphics
* Many Lullabies to choose from
* Simple and quick to configure
* Gentle Alarm
* "Sleep" time setting
* Fantastic feature of ambient sounds that can be saved and replayed later
* Night Clock

Please see what customers have said about our Lullaby
Get it . you won't regret it !!!
I have had this app for awhile now.. it gets used more than any !!! very calming and relaxing ! works great , my granddaughter and I fall asleep to it every time ! it really is one of the better apps out there . you will see for the Money you can't do better than this ...
Perfect baby (and mama) soother
Truly enjoy this app. A wonderful background for a peaceful slumber.
Great bedtime app!!
Works great!! Best mommy bedtime helper I could find!! I really needed something like this! Very cute songs and the timer is perfect!! I recommend to all mommies/daddies looking for a really nice bedtime app!
We love it!!!
We are a family of 5 and we all love this app. Our favorite is Celtic lullaby. It's very calming to our older boys as well as our 8 week daughter. Love that it plays over white noise!!! Thank you!!
I downloaded this cos my 22 month old was having a hard time falling asleep...within 15 mins of listening to this she was snoring away..and now she's sleep and I'm up playing with it!! I'm in love!! ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!
Love It
This is the best app ever. Not only does my son fall asleep to the sounds and beautiful music. But, it relaxes me just enough to fall asleep myself. And the choices are great
Thank you for a wonderful app.

These 25 songs include:

Rock-a-bye Baby
Child At Night
Child Dream
For Jon
Hush Little Baby
Lullaby Music Box
Blowing Bubbles
Meadow Dreams
Windup Lullaby
Naming Stars
Nighty Night
All Pretty Little Horses
Riddle Song
Silent Night
Sweet Princess
Sweet Dreams
The Cradle Song
Twinkle Little Star
Singing Lullaby
Celtic Lullaby
Breathe in