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For filmmakers, photographers, or for anyone who needs another take on things -- let Clapboard help create your next video or film.

"Clean, crisp, and ready for the set! Clapboard's clean lines and simple interface make it the ideal choice when you are ready to hit the set. I couldn't help but marvel at how useful this is. Anyone with an iPad can move from movies, to email, to running out and announcing "action"! Just another great example at the utility of this device.”
- Father of Pooh

"Looks nice and easy to use. We make sure everyone is ready for the scene with this App. Note that you can read this while in our video editing software to assist in picking out clips correctly for our final show. Easy to use while looking the best!”
- CJCProducer

You love making short films, movies and even music videos. Uploading to YouTube and reading fans’ comments about your work has become an obsession. If you’re just starting out, you may not be feeling rich, or need expensive, professional tools costing hundred of dollars. That’s where Clapboard can help. This app is an amazingly useful and affordable utility for videographers and home filmmakers who want to add professional polish to their work.

Clapboard is a production slate for your iPad. Add your own production info, customize any of the fields and edit changes to your entries. The app will even let you set the date, timestamp, and mark. Enter your production info, set the date and timestamp, prompt your actors, and more with this inexpensive tool.

Here are some of the features you get in Clapboard:

* Very visually appealing production "Clapboard" slate
* Extremely affordable
* Lends a professional, efficient polish to your productions
* Easy to enter and update information
* Extra large clapper lets you set the date, timestamp, mark
* Use an external audio cable(s) to sync outboard or external recording equipment

You can’t go wrong using Clapboard in your productions. It’s the perfect tool for film buffs and basic video producers and it costs far less than other apps in its category. Check it out for yourself by doing a search in the AppStore. You’ll soon see the affordable value you get with Clapboard.


* Supports wide screen orientation.
* Tap to raise the stick and set the date with timestamp, then release to set the mark.
* "Edit Info" button to customize any or all user fields.
* Changes are saved automatically.

Download Clapboard now. On the first take, it’ll help you feel like a pro.

Update in the works! Thanks to all our users world-wide for the feedback. We're starting work this coming week on an upgrade we know you'll appreciate. Selectable backgrounds, new ways of incrementing take and scene numbers, selectable sounds, and hopefully some surprises are in the works. Thanks again!