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Did you snap a million dollar shot of a newsworthy event? Don't give it away or waste it on social media! Use the Bideo iPhone app to sell it to news publications, and get PAID! If a picture is worth a thousand words, it might be worth a thousand dollars, but you'll never know unless you let the free market determine its worth.

Bideo is the world's first online auction exchange for the real time trading of news video and photos. Our mission is to enable citizen photojournalists everywhere to tell their story and get compensated for it by selling their newsworthy images to news publications in an auction setting.

The logic behind Bideo is simple: news stories are increasingly being driven by the availability of timely images taken directly from the scene. Given the omnipresence and advancements in camera technology, who's most likely to capture those shots? YOU! Not the professional news team, but the eyewitness holding a camera phone. YOU possess the power to drive the story, and we exist to help you leverage that power.

Immediacy is everything in the news world, meaning your shot is worth less with every passing second. So to speed things up we created this simple and free app that allows you to place your shot into auction from anywhere at anytime, directly from your mobile device, minimizing the amount of time between creation and sale.

Using the Bideo app couldn't be any easier! Just download the app then go about your everyday life, and when news goes down you:

- Open the app to snap the shot OR simply select an image you already took in your camera roll.
- Enter key details about the image so that buyers know why it's valuable.
- Set the auction terms.
- Submit!

Once the upload is processed, the original file is securely stored and a watermarked copy is placed into auction online. You can view the listing by visiting on your web browser, and by logging into your My Bideo account.

When upload is finalized a link is immediately sent to our global network of news publications, which then view the copy and place their bids accordingly (or Buy Now if they don't feel like waiting). If you have particular buyers in mind, we highly encourage you to send them a link as well.

When the auction ends and payment is approved from the winning bidder, you'll be notified and paid a whopping 75% of the final bid price. Not bad for something you would've given away otherwise, right?

That's right. Money. Potentially lots of it. Why would you not want this free and unprecedented instrument of journalistic might on hand? Download the app now and lock it in your arsenal of smart decisions, and the next time you see a one-armed circus clown storm into a burning building to save a baby from the jaws of a shark eating menataur, maybe you'll have the presence of mind to land the shot, and maybe, just maybe, you'll be smart enough not to give it away like an idiot.

Bideo: See. Shoot. SELL.