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不眠打波-Help your Sleep! for iPad

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The soft breeze, the candle flame, the wave sound , etc in the natural sounds have the frequency.
And Recetly, it is applied to the household appliances such as air-conditioners.
Natural sounds (soft breeze, candle flames, wave sounds, etc.) has this frequency.

"不眠打波" adopts the sound of "the wave" in 1/f fluctuation.

This application is different than other pink noise applications.
The wave sound is not made by a program, it is a real wave sound.
I`ve done some recording of the wave sound at the Japanese beach.

*** how to use ***
It is very simple.

Press the play button to start "不眠打波"
Listen to the healing sounds and go to bed.

However. you can not get the wave rhythm only by listening to the sound
So when you listen the wave rhythm, you should breathe on the wave rhythm.
While listening to the wave rhythm, you should breathe at the same rhythm.

And a few minutes later, your body will begin to feel warm.
Once your body is warmed, do not worry about your breathing rhythm. Just listen to the sounds and you will be able to fall asleep naturaly.

if you use "不眠打波" on interval of the work, you can be relaxed.
But be careful, not to fall asleep.

・ Volume adjustment,
・ Change timeline .
・ Reverse Switch
1/f noise is played reverse, same functions
・ SleepTimer
・ The beautiful Pictures
When I use ”不眠打波” during a break, look.