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FotoEditor Pro

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FotoEditor 46 unique filters and effects! Unlimited creative options by mixing various effects, captivating borders and text feature to personalize your photos!

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★★★★ This app is exactly what I was looking for. Just a quick way to modify pictures.- Tom Antolic

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FotoEditor Pro is about editing your photos with ultimate style and enchantment. It offers 33 practically useful filters, 6 borders to beautify your photos, 5 Operations including mirror, rotate & crop , Selective Area filter, Text feature along with upload to Twitter, Picasa & Facebook option to share your special feelings with your loved ones.
Now you can apply filters on selective area of an image.
The filter set is divided into 7 spectacular categories;

**Adjust category contains the filters related to image adjustment which are RGB Balance, Contrast Brightness and Gamma. User can adjust these settings from the slider provided on the screen.
**The Colorize category contains additional filters i.e. Saturation, Equalize, Normalize, Solarize, Tritone, TintBlue, TintRed, TintGreen and ColorSplash.
**The Effects category contains Pencil, Erode, Dilate, Emboss, Soften, Jitter, Posterize, OilPaint, Sharpen, Sepia, Negative, Grayscale, NightVision and Pinhole effects.
**The Deform category contains Twirl, Cylinder, Pinch, Punch, Bathroom and Square filters. .
**Different Operations on the image can be performed like RotateLeft, RotateRight, MirrorVertical, MirrorHorizontal and Crop.
**Greeting Text can be placed on the image. User can set the BackgroundColor, Font, FontSize and FontColor before placing the greeting text on the image.
**Border on the image can be applied. Supported borders are CinemaVertical, CinemaHorizontal, Rounded, InvertRounded, Simple and Strip.
**Zoom pictures for better a view.
**Using FotoEditor Pro you can email photos to your friends just after editing.
**Create electrifying photos by combining various filters and effects

It supports dimensions of 12 Megapixels.
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