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Cursive Notepad

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
  • Education
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Hey you ! "Can you write cursive-English ?"

“Cursive Notepad” is a MEMO with "handwriting recognition".


This version(1.0) is available by Cursive letter of the English alphabet handwriting only.
(Of course you can also use normal keyboard-style-input at the same time.)

This application is designed for using on multitasking (iOS 4.0 or later).
No equip data saving function in this application.

[Strong points]

"no choice", "no confirmation" character(letter) at the each time of inputting.

Very Quickly launch.

Small size (Speedy download and update).

A simple design (Selected substantial functions only). so, easy-to-understand and friendly.

Practical use. Work together with other many applications
by using "Copy and Paste"(iOS's function). Really useful.

It is like barrier-free rapid stream from your brain inside.
( I bet, you will recognize "handwriting is fun!" soon. )

[How to Input]

1. Handwrite "Cursive English alphabet" in below blank-area by your finger.
Important: "stroke order""smooth" "quick" "perspicuous". Please write about like that.

2. Tap upper text-view-area, you can use normal keyboard-style-input, too.

3. You can write figures(number) directly using inside of Right-half-area only.

4. You can write "!" "?" directly using inside of Left-half-area only.

5. You can write "," "." directly using bottom of Left area only.

6. You can write "single quotation mark" directly tapping high-top of center.
and, You can write "double quotation mark" directly tapping left of high-top.

7. You can write symbols directly. Tap on
top of center "$"
middle of center "@"
bottom of center "&"
right-edge and left-edge "(" ")"

8. You can write symbols directly. Write on middle of center "-"

9. An alphabet "r ", Block-letter and Cursive-letter inputting both OK !