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TripTrack for iPad

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This application allows you to keep track of your trip, storing the most significant locations, while you are moving. Later, you can review all the recorded steps, in the same sequence, or in reverse order, showing them on the maps.

When the application starts, it will activate the internal GPS, and will show a map of your neighborhood, with a blue pin indicating your current position.
At a first time, your position may be rather imprecise, but if you wait a little more, it will become more defined.

On the screen bottom you have six buttons: "Record", "New Trip", "Trip info", "Email", "Replay", "Help".

As you change your position, the indicator will follow you, always showing your current location.

During your trip, you can at any time touch the "Record" button. This will record your current position, as shown on the map, with its longitude, latitude and accuracy.

It is not necessary to keep the application active during your trip: you can close and restart it whenever you want. Your steps will be safely recorded in an internal file, in the correct sequence.

Touch the "New Trip" button to begin a new trip: this will erase all the previously recorded position, and will start a new sequence.

At the end of your trip (or even during its progress), you can touch the "Replay" button: this will suspend the localization activity, and will start a playback, presenting the first recorded position: the screen will show a map of the neighborhood, with a red pin indicating your position.

During the playback phase, 3 new buttons are shown: "<<", "Stop", ">>".

You can use the ">>" button to review all your trip steps, in the same order you stored them.
Or you can use the "<<" button to review them in reverse order, last to first.
Touching the "Stop" button will end the playback phase, and will restore the initial view.

As you can imagine, the "Help" button will recall the help window, showing these notes.

Using the "Trip Info" button, you will see a summary of your trip, with coordinates of single recorded positions, and total trip length.

Using the "Email" button you will send and email, containing the trip data, to yourself or to anybody else.