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Bridge Foundations - Lessons in Playing Cards

iPhone / iPad
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Looking for an invaluable reference guide to the game of bridge? Now you can have the foundations of bridge at your finger tips wherever you are with the 'Bridge Foundations' app. This app is perfect to learn bridge and also for more advanced players to use as a quick reference guide.

This app includes:

- Introduction to Bridge Foundations


- Holding a balanced hand with 12/14 points open 1NT
- What is a balanced hand
- Transfers
- Responding to 1NT Opening with a strong semi-balanced 12 to 19 points
- Stayman convention
- Suit opening
- Respond to suit opening
- With 4 card fit in partner's suit
- Without 4 card fit in partner's suit
- Responding with no fit and no higher ranking 4 card suit
- Opener's 2nd bid (rebid), unbalanced weak 12 - 15 points
- Opener's 2nd bid (rebid), unbalanced strong 16 - 18 points
- Opener's rebid balanced
- Responder's second bid with a balanced hand
- Jump bid
- Jump shift bid


- Strong 2NT opening
- The typical 2NT hand
- Responses: to 2NT opening
- Two club opening bid
- Responses to 2 club opening
- 2nd negative
- Slam bidding


- Playing tricks
- The law of total tricks
- The losing trick count
- How to estimate your partner's losers
- Responder's losers can be assessed
- Doubles
- Penalty double
- When to make a penalty double
- Takeout double

Written by John K. Ryan, Ireland.

Note this app will need internet access on your device during installation.