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„Cinderella“ is another interactive fairy tale released by Imagination Stairs. It is a beautifully illustrated, full-text, rich with interactive animations and sound effects, developed with love to children. It is absolutely safe for your kids.

We recommend this app for the following situations:
• If your child cannot read yet, but eagerly listens to fairy tales and interesting stories
• If you would like to help your child develop their listening skills and imagination
• If you do not have time right now to sit down together with your child and read a story for them
• If you have a sore throat or cannot read outloud, but your child demands a fairy tale
• If you are driving a long way with your family and want to occupy kids with something interesting, useful and safe
• If your child never had any experience with iPad or iPhone before

„Cinderella“ app has 2 modes. In the one mode the text is read by a professional narrator while corresponding text fragments and scenes are shown on the screen and browsed automatically. In the other mode you can read the story outloud yourself. In both modes you can browse the pages as you want.

Every page of this interactive book has a skilfully painted full-screen HD-illustration accompanied by a text. A simple-to-use text zoom function allows easy reading without the need to wear glasses for people with poor eyesight.

„Cinderella“ app features:
• 40 high definition and never before shown images telling the story of Cinderella
• Find-and-launch visual animations and sound effects
• Text zoom option for better reading for young and old
• Read by professional speakers