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Math Flyer

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Education
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This is a breakthrough application that brings mathematics to life in a visually stunning way.
Apple's powerful, intuitive touch interface makes it possible to see and interact with mathematics.
This app realizes all of that potential in a truly beautiful way that is essential for teachers, learners and researchers.

Math Flyer is so much more than "yet another graphing tool." Drawing on 15 years of experience teaching math concepts to math and science students, Shodor presents this app as the cleanest way to attach meaning to mathematical expressions.

For teachers, this is the right way to present graphs of functions so that students truly understand them.

For students, this is the best tool to use to really understand the meaning of the parts of a mathematical expression.

And for researchers, this provides a powerful way to visualize how varying the parameters of a function change its behavior.

MathFlyer boasts the following features:

•Slide functions on iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone in Portrait or Landscape mode
•Tips appear to guide you on your first use
•Able to input & graph all custom functions you desire
•Or choose from a library of pre-made functions
•Save and load your custom functions
•Display function values in a table
•View a whole family of curves as you vary a parameter (or parameters) in your function
•Pan and zoom using the standard touchpad finger gestures
•View functions with fractions or decimals using Math Flyer's built-in conversions.
•Take a snapshot of your beautiful plots to show your friends
•View help, give feedback, or look up lesson plans in the resources section

Math Flyer Supports the following functions
•sqrt - Square root
•^ and ** - Exponent
•abs - Absolute Value
•exp - power of e
•sin - sine
•cos - cosine
•tan - tangent
•asin - arcsine
•acos - arccosine
•atan - arctangent
•sec - secant
•csc - cosecant
•cot - cotangent
•sinh - hyperbolic sine
•cosh - hyperbolic cosine
•tanh - hyberbolic tangent
•ln - natural log
•log - log base ten
•ppo - if (x>0) x else 0
•step - if (x>0) 1 else 0
•floor - largest integer less than or equal to x
•ceil - smallest integer greater than or equal to x
•fac - factorial x (x!)
•saw - x - floor(x)
•diff - differential (numeric)
•integ - numeric integral
•sign - 1 if x > 0 else -1
•round - closest integer