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Baby Sign Language

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I remember when my daughter was born that I desperately wanted to know what she was thinking. I just could not wait until she was two years old when she would start talking. I didn't want to miss anything that was going on in the interim. So I came to Baby Sign Language as an activity we could do together to start communicating.

Baby Sign Language gives you an sneak peak into the head of your baby. It allows your baby to show you some of the things she is thinking and let you share some of your thoughts with her. All that plus a healthy dose of fun, helps you and your baby grow even closer.

Research on signing with your baby confirms an enhancement of the parent-child bond, reduction in fussiness and advanced mental development. One study showed that eight year olds who learned baby sign language as infants had an average IQ 12 points higher than non-signers.

As well as giving parents a way to start communicating with their baby earlier, baby sign language makes the baby's life easier too. Being able to tell you what is on her mind gives your baby a little more control over her life, reducing frustration and the resulting fussiness. Many signing babies seem to skip the terrible twos stage and sail smoothly into toddlerhood!

Using sign language enables your baby to start communicating about six months earlier than if you were just relying on speech. Being able to sign accelerates your baby's progress to words as well. Studies show that signing babies develop larger speaking vocabularies than their non-signing counterparts.

This iPad app teaches you how to begin signing with your child in a four part method. It contains 20 signs including: mommy, daddy, milk, hungry, diaper, I love you, and more.

Each sign comes with:

- a video example of the sign
- illustrations
- descriptions
- tips on usage, and
- flashcards to practice with your child is a project for parents teaching infants and toddlers early communications skills. We believe that early communication sets the foundation for accelerated learning, reduced frustration, and a closer relationship between parent and child.

Enjoy signing with your baby today!