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iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Medical
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The application helps you to manage  a simple list  of  your current medications, history list of your previous medications and a list of your eyeglasses prescriptions. It will help in case of medical emergency or in any situation where you need to provide (remember) a list of your medications.
The lists can be be organized for a single person and/or for multiple persons. 
The  medications lists can be emailed as pdf attachments, the eye prescription list can be emailed as text attachment.

The  lists of medications contains the name of medication, the dosage and the start date. The list can be organized into groups of your choice.  (It can be group of medications prescribed by one doctor, another group of medications prescribed by another doctor etc. Or you can have a group of medications for you, for your family members etc)

To move a medication from the list of current medications  into your history  list, edit the medication and add the “end date”. The app will ask for a confirmation and then move the medication from the current list into the history list.

For the user interface, the app  is using iPhone TableView presentations.
For the data storage, the app is using iPhone  SQLite database. The database is stored on your phone  and is not shared with any applications.