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English Songs & Chants

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Music gives a soul to the universe,
Wings to the mind,
Flight to the imagination...
And life to everything.
The successful acquisition of reading and writing in early childhood depends on a solid background in oral language skills. What better way to gain knowledge and confidence in oral language than through music? Young children are naturally sensitive to sound and rhythm. Thus music can play an important role in language and literacy development.

☆Music can focus the mind on the sounds being perceived and therefore promote learning.

☆Children can establish a sense of rhythm through songs and chants, thus enhance their language awareness.

☆Music can also improve children’s memory skill and aural discrimination.

☆Music can reduce stress, increase interest, and set the stage for listening and learning.

☆Repetition in songs and chants enable children to sing and read the text again and again within a meaningful context.

☆Music prepares the brain more readily for learning.
Now that we know music can set the stage for learning, increase a child's interest, and activate a student's thinking, what are we waiting for?

Children’s Songs and Chants application is developed by Foreign Language Learning and Research Press. It is dedicated to early childhood language learning.

The app features:
☆Beautiful songs and chants are written specially for children of 4 to 7 years old and they are sung and recorded by English-speaking kids.
☆Ample animations promote the understanding of children and raise their interest in learning. For example, if the kid press the word Panda, there will be a zoom-in of a panda’s picture, thus the kid knows what the word means.
☆Replay and Repetition functions enable children to listen to the music and sing with the songs again and again while parents can explain the songs and chants sentence by sentence to their kids.