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Pocket Jets (AR) Training

iPhone / iPad
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Please visit the Digital-Double website below to see a video of this game in action, it's the best way to describe it! This game is fantastic on an iPhone4 or iPodTouch4, it's REALLY AWSOME on the iPad2!

[@WingedBeast: re: review on UKStore, please contact us at support link - hold down on the compass to auto-pilot your jet toward you]

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This game requires 4th generation devices (specifically, iPhone4, iPodTouch 4th Generation, or iPad2), it is NOT compatible with lower spec. devices due to hardware requirements.

This is the Training/Lite/Free version of Pocket Jets (AR) and allows you practise flying the Gyro-Jets only - to see if you have what it takes to enter into full battle in the full version.

With POCKET JETS (AR) TRAINING you take full 360 degree flight-control over a futuristic 'Gyro-Jet' as you steer it through the REAL-WORLD environment surrounding YOU!

Pocket Jets uses the gyroscope in your device to convincingly and smoothly blend 3D graphics and sound with your camera’s view to deliver a truly immersive experience.

Fly your Jet over YOUR home, around YOUR garden, or in YOUR living room, wherever you are, it's like you are flying a remote-controlled plane, only bigger and louder. If it's too dark to use the camera you can choose one of the built in virtual locations instead. Gyro-Jets are loud and fast - you can perform high-speed overhead passes, acrobatic barrel-rolls, and noisy low fly-bys. An on-screen compass helps you to know exactly where your Jet is at any time.

This TRAINING VERSION Version allows you to learn how to control and track your Jet's movements only, and does not include Weapons or Enemy Jets to fight against. This TRAINING VERSION of Pocket Jets includes the following features:

• Optimised for retina display and iPad2;
• Intuitive multi-touch controls;
• Immersive augmented-reality;
• Full 3D graphics;
• 3D sound (headphones recommended);
• Original music & sound effects;
• Gyroscope implementation;
• Camera implementation;
• Two optional built-in virtual locations (4 in the FULL VERSION);
• Screenshot sharing features, save to your Photo Library;

Wherever you are, inside or out, POCKET JETS (AR) brings the action to YOU in a unique experience that is only possible with handheld devices. Good luck with your training!

The FULL VERSION of Pocket Jets includes the following additional features:

+ ENEMY JETS TO BATTLE AGAINST! - with a choice of challenging AI settings;
+ ADVANCED WEAPONRY! - Heat-Seaking Missiles and Mini-Guns;
+ Additional Training, Game Modes & Missions;
+ Additional VR Locations, beautiful backdrop environments when not using AR;
+ World Gallery, upload your screenshots to an online gallery;
+ Game Settings, fine tune your game to fit the environment you are playing in;
... Plus lots more !

In the FULL VERSION you have access to:

A Target-Practice mode, which allows you to try attacking formations against Enemy Jets and use the onboard combat systems to target, and take them down with heat-seeking missiles and short-range mini-guns. An Evade-Practice Mode, where you become the target! Here you will master tactical moves needed to prevent Enemies from locking on to you, or failing that, avoid their fire with evasive moves.

The FULL VERSION of POCKET JETS (AR) includes different enemies, ranging from passive Missile-Fodder through to Elite AI opponents who mean business, and will be second guessing your next move. Once you think you've mastered the training, you should download the FULL VERSION to access Dog-Flight Modes and engage in full-scale battles for air supremacy.

INDEPENDENT REVIEW ( "Pocket Jets is an exciting new player in the augmented reality genre. It creates an immersive experience by turning your backyard into a battlefield. If you are serious about iOS gaming or are interested in AR apps, AppAdvice recommend that you should get Pocket Jets".