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Ever want to easily create your own iPad Program for your home or small business? Now you can with iVBasic+DB!

***** You can visually create and run your very own program, right on your iPad! *****
***** iVBasic allows you to create your own user interface, and write the code for it! *****

iVBasic+DB was created with small businesses and professionals in mind. iVBasic was designed to create feature rich applications quickly and easily on the iPad!

iVBasic+DB Features Include:

> Over 100 Commands/Functions!

> Robust set of Database functions (using the SQLite engine)!

> Drawing functions.

> iVBasic Language Reference, so you'll be up and running in no time!

> An intuitive and easy to use GUI Designer. Simply drag the control to the desired position, press it, select the event, and start coding.
> A wide Array of Controls are at your disposal:
>> Button
>> Label
>> Picker
>> Progress
>> SegmentedSwitch
>> Slider
>> Switch
>> Table
>> TextField
>> TextView
>> ToolbarMenu

> Timer
> Startup
> Sounds (5 predetermined sounds included)
> Save and load your projects
> iVBasic is interpreted so theres no wait to compile and run! Simply press the run button and you get immediate feedback!
> Includes "AllControls", "DBTest", "Quizmaster", "SayIt", and "UFODraw" example programs.

iVBasic is a limited subset and dialect of the BASIC programming language.
Like most forms of BASIC, iVBasic is not a strongly typed language, and is not case sensitive. Variables can contain any data type.