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Easy Reader – Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese and French for beginners - trilingual educational orthography game for kids

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Foreign languages are vital for our children's future. This app makes early language learning fun and helps your child get ready for its future.

This version includes now more than 200 words in French and Mandarin Chinese and close to 120 words in Cantonese. You can watch our demo-video on our website:

Scientists and education professionals all agree: the earlier we are exposed to a language, the more easily our brains adjust to different frequencies. This helps us distinguish and reproduce sounds more easily resulting in a better accent.

Imagine your child listening to native speakers while playing with hand-drawn pictures. Imagine your child learning words with the right accent from the start !!

Imagine how the diversity of the activities will keep your child interested. It will pick up the different words very easily as they keep coming back.

The hand-made drawings create a warm atmosphere and favor the memorization of the vocabulary. Drawings contain less information as photos: imagine how your child’s brain will more easily focus on the spelling and the sound of the words.

In gender-based languages like German, French or Spanish the words are displayed with different colors according to their gender. This facilitates the right memorization from the start.

1. Discover the images and the pronunciation of words by tapping them. (screen 2, small picture*)
2. Discover the word and its pronunciation by tapping the images. (screen 2, main picture*)
3. Associate four given words with four given images. (screen 3*)
4. Write the word that matches a given image. The solution will be displayed if you get it wrong. (screen 4*)
5. Find the word which matches a given image. (screen 5, upper left picture*)
6. Find the image which matches a given word. (screen 5, upper right picture*)
7. Find the three matching words for a given image. This is an excellent activity for kids that need to learn and practice different writings. (capital letters, lower case, hand writing). (screen 5, lower left picture*)
8. Speed game: Find the right image or word for a given choice. We propose three different speeds so as to make the game accessible and interesting for every age. At the end of the competition all errors are displayed so that you can easily review the lacking vocabulary. (screen 5, lower right pictures*)
* more screenshots are available on our website
* the languages depicted do not necessarily match this version of Easy Reader

The words are separated into eight categories. They are all selected by default, but you can use them individually or in combination, too.

"We are sure that you and your child will enjoy this application just as much as our children do." - the Learnfriends team