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Beijing in Ancient Maps HD

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Beijing is the Capital of China, a very ancient city with over 3,000 years of history. Our app is the first of its kind to have an atlas that has been scientifically arranged and summarized the ancient maps of Beijing, including a total of 58 kinds, 113 Chinese and foreign ancient maps which have been selected from the map collection and other ancient books of the National Library of China, with a layout in accordance with the writing of the time of the books.

However, this is not only an ancient atlas, but also a condensed history of oriental civilization, truly representing the history of Beijing civilization, the history of surveying and mapping and the history of urban development. Now, let us together, get into Beijing in ancient maps, interpreting the history behind these rare maps, and comprehensively understanding the development history of this attractive city.

A large number of rare maps are embodied in Beijing in ancient maps, which include: Map of the Imperial City, Map of the Capital, Map of the Shuntian Prefecture from Si Ku Quan Shu, Map of Palaces in the City of Beijing (the earliest map for Beijing in existence), Map of the Capital in the Qianlong Period (a production of map survey at a large scale in Qing Dynasty), and many more. Therefore, the atlas, in its own right, is valuable as a collection. At the same time, the atlas covers a wide variety of other interesting maps, including: Country maps, Outlands maps, Frontier defense maps, District maps as well as Landscape maps, Water conservancy maps, Transportation maps, Postal maps, and Tourist maps. And it is a favorite for all types of readers including historical researchers, urban planners and map enthusiasts.

-58 kinds, 113 high-resolution ancient maps ranging from Southern Song to Republic of China (from 1136 to 1949)
-Display the source about each map
-Detailed character introduction of each map
-Keyword search
-Support collecting and sharing
-Browse map smoothly with zooming in/out
-No requirement for a network connection