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uStat™ Tennis

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uStat™ Tennis is an extremely powerful, yet easy to use, sports statistics engine for recording and analyzing tennis stats. No more need for bulky laptop computers or old fashioned pencil and paper. Now coaches, players, and even parents can track sophisticated tennis stats with ease.



uStat Tennis is available in three upgrade levels to best fit your needs. You can upgrade from each level to the next from within the app at any time.

The Standard version of the app includes full stat recording and analysis for all matches for two singles players (or one doubles team).

Pro Upgrade
The Pro version upgrades from Standard to add the ability to analyze your stats in real-time, and by tournament, opponent, surface, and more. Pro also adds two additional singles players (or one doubles team).

Elite Upgrade
The Elite version upgrades from Pro and gives you the ability to add an unlimited number of singles players and doubles teams.


* Based on the same statistics engine as the highly rated iStatVball.

* Optimized for the iPad
- Takes full advantage of the iPad screen real estate
- All screens support both landscape and portrait orientation
- High resolution Retina graphics for the new iPad!

* Full support for both singles and doubles matches.

* Efficient interface
- Record detailed data with as little as ONE tap per shot!
- Automatically record shot locations
- Optionally record shot types (lob, overhead, approach, etc) and forehand/backhand

* Realistic court graphics. Choose from grass, clay, or a variety of hard courts.

* Over 70 stat report tables, from the common to the esoteric
- Service winners, aces, errors, break conversions
- Return and rally winners, errors, and unforced errors
- Average and longest rally, by shots and time
- Win-loss record, winning percentage, point ratio
- Average time per match, set, game, point

* Analyze serve, return, and rally stats by:
- Service court
- Side of court
- 1st vs 2nd serve
- Shot type
- Forehand vs backhand

* Stats are cumulative, so they can be summarized and analyzed over time. Drill down to an individual game, or generate reports for a set, match, tournament, season, or an entire career! (Pro)

* Analyze your stats versus particular opponents, or by court surface, date, location, and more. (Pro)

* Real-time stats for analysis live during a match from directly within the recording interface. (Pro)

* Email your stat reports to coaches, players, parents, or members of the media for any stat category and for any analysis level.

* Send stats in PDF, HTML, or CSV format.

* Powerful data features
- Backup your data in the uStat data (USD) format for safekeeping
- Transfer your data between devices
- Merge data from multiple statisticians onto a single device

* Helpful information is always at your fingertips
- Current game and set scores
- Current server
- Match clock

* Unlimited levels of undo with a status bar showing your most recently recorded stat event.

* Manage your players and teams with detailed profiles. Attach photos from your photo album or camera.

* Full HTML help text available within the app or online as a searchable PDF.


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