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AppSlate - Easy App Maker

iPhone / iPad
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--- Make your own application on iPad and iPhone ! ---
" This is a brilliant app! Great work... "
"your app is just wonderful! can't wait for upgrade :-)"
- (Mail from customers)

You can add button, web view, or text input line on iPad/iPhone screen. And Link them as you wish. It will work really !
And, if you know about iOS programming, you can make "Objective-C" and "Swift" source code just one button !

For example, Simple Twitter App, RSS News reader, or Timer apps - you can make it. It is so easy. You do not need study about any script language or programming theory.
Just select items, and set some 'property' values, or link 'action' to 'property' you want to do.
Your job is done, just push the 'Play" button. your app will work right away.

On this version, it has over 55 items you can use ;
Label, Number Label, TextField, TextField + Button, Switch, Button, Toggle Button, Touch Button, FlipCounter, Slider, Table, RSS Table, Twitter Timeline Table, WebView, Bulb, MapView, Image View, Progress Bar, Note, Analog Clock
Alert, Text Input Alert, Mail Composer, Twitter Composer, Facebook Feed, Tick Generator, Random Number Generator, Date & Time, Accelerometer, Photo Album, Music Player, Camera, Multi-peer connection
Not, And, Or, Xor, NAND, NOR, XNOR, Tee, Calculator, Number Compare. String Compare, Object Stack, Object Queue, String Concatenate, Str to Number, ABS/INT, Radian / Degree converter, Trigonometric Functions
Rectangular, Horizontal Line, Vertical Line

Check about detail features on ''

*It is not make Xcode source code.
*If you need some items or functions, mail to developer, please.