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domainsicle - Domain Name Search Engine, Whois Lookup and Word Generator

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domainsicle - Domain Name Search Engine, Whois Lookup and Word Generator

Tired of domain checking apps that are out dated, have only one feature or the even more common practice, monitor all of your searches without your permission -- do you really trust them not to steal your domain ideas? We don’t, that's why we built domainsicle for iOS. domainsicle provides you with a fast and easy way to check if a domain name is available without connecting to any “middle-man-servers”. Since awesome domains are becoming harder to find we integrated several plugins and word generators to help you find that perfect domain name. We're actively developing to improve our app so don't be shy to send us your suggestions and feedback.

== Features ==
- All searches are done natively on your device. Your searches are sacred, this keeps them that way.
- Domain availability search for most Top-Level-Domains (TLDs).
- TLD encyclopedia.
- Whois lookups.
- Easy search history.
- Store domains in a favourites list.
- Create custom or save a generated word list for bulk domain checking.
- Your choice to buy a domain form one of several registrars, or save to your local device.
- Passcode option to prevent unwanted users from viewing your data.
- No ads! Ads make apps slow ... and we hate them.

== Plugins (In-App Purchases) ==
- Domain Hacks
- More in development ...

== Word Generators (In-App Purchases) ==
- Typos (Missed Key, Transposed Key, Double Key, Wrong Key, Phishing, 1337)
- List Spinner
- Word Joiner aka Portmanteaus (lang:en)
- Pre/Suf-fixer
- 5 Letters!
- Mirror It
- DomainView™
- Translations (Requires Google Translate API Key)

Note: Internet access is required to check domain name status and obtain whois information. We have advanced caching built-in so there is no wasting of your bandwidth or your battery.

* Some features may require 3rd party services we are unable to duplicate natively on your device. We’ve only used the most credible sources and have identified them on the about page so you know who you're connecting too and what information is being sent.

** You're more then welcome to verify our claim of 'no middle-man-servers' by viewing the packets sent from your device. Here is a link showing several ways to do so:

== TLD List (.com, .net, and .org included, In-App Purchase to unlock the rest) ==
.ac, .ad, .ae, .aero, .af, .ag, .ai, .al, .am, .ao, .aq, .ar, .as, .asia, .at, .au, .aw, .ax, .az, .ba, .bb, .bd, .be, .bf, .bg, .bh, .bi, .biz, .bj, .bm, .bn, .bo, .br, .bs, .bt, .bw, .by, .bz, .ca, .cat, .cc, .cd, .cf, .cg, .ch, .ci, .ck, .cl, .cm, .cn, .co, .com, .coop, .cr, .cu, .cv, .cx, .cy, .cz, .de, .dj, .dk, .dm, .do, .dz, .ec, .edu, .ee, .eg, .er, .es, .et, .eu, .fi, .fj, .fk, .fm, .fo, .fr, .ga, .gd, .ge, .gf, .gg, .gh, .gi, .gl, .gm, .gn, .gov, .gp, .gq, .gr, .gs, .gt, .gu, .gw, .gy, .hk, .hm, .hn, .hr, .ht, .hu, .id, .ie, .il, .im, .in, .info, .int, .io, .iq, .ir, .is, .it, .je, .jm, .jo, .jobs, .jp, .ke, .kg, .kh, .ki, .km, .kn, .kp, .kr, .kw, .ky, .kz, .la, .lb, .lc, .li, .lk, .lr, .ls, .lt, .lu, .lv, .ly, .ma, .mc, .md, .me, .mg, .mh, .mil, .mk, .ml, .mm, .mn, .mo, .mobi, .mp, .mq, .mr, .ms, .mt, .mu, .museum, .mv, .mw, .mx, .my, .mz, .na, .name, .nc, .ne, .net, .nf, .ng, .ni, .nl, .no, .np, .nr, .nu, .nz, .om, .org, .pa, .pe, .pf, .pg, .ph, .pk, .pl, .pm, .pn, .pr, .pro, .ps, .pt, .pw, .py, .qa, .re, .ro, .rs, .ru, .rw, .sa, .sb, .sc, .sd, .se, .sg, .sh, .si, .sk, .sl, .sm, .sn, .so, .sr, .st, .sv, .sy, .sz, .tc, .td, .tel, .tf, .tg, .th, .tj, .tk, .tl, .tm, .tn, .to, .tr, .travel, .tt, .tv, .tw, .tz, .ua, .ug, .uk, .us, .uy, .uz, .va, .vc, .ve, .vg, .vi, .vn, .vu, .wf, .ws, .xxx, .ye, .yt, .za, .zm, .zw