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iSignal makes it a highly advanced, sophisticated communication device. Using the LEDflash technology to send out Morse Code. Best worked at night, during tactical movements, operations.

iSignal is comprised of a dial sender group and a small camera capture receiver group. Use the small calibrate window pulled up from the bottom to adjust the camera capture receiver window. Can choose between front or rear camera as receiver.

Possible innovation and improvisation on close proximity communication application

This technology is solely developed by This app is inline with MyBloomShop's continual efforts and objectives to provide innovative security solutions for Corporates and Enterprises.

For military use, permission must be granted from creator.

Only suitable for devices with LEDFlash.
Continual use may affect battery life in device.

iPhone non retina (3, 3GS) iOS 5 and below : No
iPhone 3.5" (iPhone4, 4S) iOS5 below : No
iPhone 3.5" (iPhone4, 4S) iOS6 : Yes
iPhone 3.5" (iPhone4, 4S) iOS7 : Yes
iPhone 4" (iPhone5, 5S) iOS6 : No (may not work best)
iPhone 4" (iPhone5, 5S) iOS7 : Yes