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#Poker Online

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This is a game combining the game Tic Tac Toe and Poker.

1. The game start with two or four tic-tac-toe boards, and a deck of cards.

2. Two players take turn to take and place a card on the tic-tac-toe board to form 3 cards poker hands vertically, horizontally, or even diagonally.
- Three of a kind: AAA
- Straight: QKA
- Flush: 3 cards of the same suit

3. When the board is full, the game is ended. And the player with higher score won the game.

Special Card:
Bomb: Explode and push a card back to the deck

Cut: Move a card from any table to your table

Empty: Transform into anything


這是一個結合 過三關 和 Poker 的遊戲


1. 中間的牌區有五張牌

2. 玩家輪流把牌移到自己的方格,組合出Poker的組合來取得分數,如順子(3隻數字連續),同花(3隻一樣花式)

炸彈: 放在自己的某一個方格上,所有玩家(包括自己)同一位置的牌會被炸走

剪下: 剪下任何一張牌,放到自己的桌上

百搭: 自選