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Sell Property P/L Calculator HD

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You must be aware that buying and selling of a property will generate huge profit in the shortest possible of time. In Hong Kong, there are many people who make their first wealth in the property market. "Sell Property P/L Calculator" helps you to get known your earning or loss for each buy-and-sell, you could also use it to set the proper selling price so as to make your target profit.

"Sell Property P/L Calculator" considers the following selling and buying costs:
1. stamp duty
2. special stamp duty (SSD, for HK only)
3. interest for mortgage paid
4. penalty for early repayment of motgage
5. outstanding mortgage
6. solicitor fee
7. agency commission
8. cash rebate
to calculate the gain or loss for each buy-and-sell transaction; afterwards it also derives the annalized return rate so as to let you compare with the rates generated by other investments.