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My Classroom

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My Classroom is a student management application for teachers. It allows for attendance and grade tracking for all your students across multiple courses and grading periods. My Classroom aims to be an easy-to-use solution for every day tracking of your classes.

My Classroom allows for automatic grade averaging using weighted categories, plus the ability to create zero-weighted categories for assignments you don't want included in the final average. You also have the ability to exclude individual assignments from the final grade. Grade averages may even be displayed with an adjustable precision.

My Classroom includes the ability to keep detailed information for each assignment. Date assigned and due dates may be tracked, along with variable maximum possible scores. My Classroom also allows you to store files for each assignment, then email those files to particular students. You can even email the day's assignments to any students that didn't make it to class that day. These files may be imported from Dropbox, email, or the web. When grading the assignment for a student, you can mark if the assignment was turned in late and include any additional notes regarding the student's performance.

Attendance tracking in My Classroom is also configurable. You may choose to track student attendance per class, or across the entire day. If you choose the entire day, their attendance information is automatically available in whichever course you are viewing. Students may be marked Present, Absent - Not Excused, Absent - Excused, Tardy - Not Excused, and Tardy - Excused. You also have the ability to enter any additional notes for that student, course, and day.

To help learn your students' names, a classroom seating chart is included. It allows for display of a student picture with name, and for easy placement of the student's desk in its desired position on the seating chart. It also allows for the taking of attendance by simply touching on the student's icon. The layout editor also allows for placement of your own desk, along with empty student desks, to complete your classroom layout.

Detailed attendance and grade reports may be run for the current student, or for all students in a course across any selected grading periods. All reports may be viewed or emailed as CSV files.

My Classroom includes a full-featured contact management system for tracking your student's contact information. In additional to the usual address, email, and phone information, you can track family member names, student ids, and even their birthdays.

Because My Classroom is a standalone app, we recognize that it is a daunting task to enter all your contact and event information on a mobile device without a separate keyboard. So, My Classroom includes several import utilities to pull your information from different sources. You can import contacts into the app address book from a CSV file. You can also pull them directly from the device's address book. If you make changes to the contact in your device's address book, you can run the import again to sync the app contact with the device address book copy.