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tap*rap Photo Shiritori

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Draw Pictures and Take Photographs!
You can create your own "Photo Shiritori Picture Book".
※Shiritori is Japanese Word chain game.
Shiritori with iron sand explosion! I've never seen such a thing!

"tap*rap Photo Shiritori"is the tool version app from the famous "tap*rap Shiritori".
Draw pictures or take photographs of various things, such as your family,your friends,animals,flowers,and food.
When you touch, sand gather and become pictures.
Let's create your own original "tap*rap Shiritori Picture Book"!

■There are three modes in "tap*rap Photo Shiritori".

・・・・・Create pictures and sound for Shiritori.
・・・・・You can play Shiritori which were created by "Create" mode.
3.How to play
・・・・・How to play "tap*rap Photo Shiritori".

■What is "tap*rap Shiritori"?
Your finger acts like a magnet, gathering sound and sand.
Your finger motion, words, and pictures synchronize.
"What will be waiting next?" "What will I be able to see?"
"Let's play with tap*rap Shiritori to find out!"

****Future Picture Books Project****************************
A picture book which moving pictures, a picture book without pages,
a picture book that you participate in, a picture book made
from everyone's collaboration ……etc.

This project is produced by Digitalehon Inc. and Dai Nippon Printing Co., Lrd..
We aim to bring new digital picture books to kids
―― magical books that kids can interact with and learn from.