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Useful Facts

iPhone / iPad
  • Reference
  • Entertainment
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-Swipe browse through hundreds of useful facts you should know!
-Save facts in favorites
-Search feature
-Share facts with friends over Facebook, ams, email, and twitter
-HD easy to read text for phones and tablets

Did you know that Chapstick can be used as a fire starter?
Or that shaking a can of mixed nuts will make the larger ones rise to the top?
You might not know that natural pearls melt in vinegar.
Or that you need to walk seven hours straight to burn off a large coke, fries, and large cheeseburger.

These and other truisms are found in Useful Facts,
a collection of helpful factoids.
Get practical information.

Useful Facts features swipe navigation and allows you to save facts in a Favorites tab and
also gives you the ability to share compelling tips and facts with friends.

Easy to use and entertaining, Useful Facts may be the only app to note that honeybees are the only insects that make food that humans eat.