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What iHeartThisApp Liked:
It’s good that all the app’s main and extra features could be found in only two menu pages. The backgrounder on the theme plus the two music videos are on the main page while the extra photos are on the next. The colors and style of the artwork are apt for the target audience and will definitely catch and hold their attention. The animation is smooth and impressive without taking anything away from the song. The two songs’ melodies are different from each other which gives users variety but are equally catchy. The lyrics are whimsical and fun to make sure that the kids watching will be entertained. The words of the song are also placed on the screen karaoke-style so kids can and will sing along to the songs.

Download a full version to get a new feature called a music video puzzle.

Need an app that will entertain your kids for several hours? Check out this kid friendly entertainment.

This lite version app is targeted for the youngest kids aged 9-11, a kid's musical storytelling app with 2D character-based animation that is sure to entertain with its whimsical music plot. It portrays the story of Chicky dad and Chicky mom, a married couple who lived happily with the other clan in a village.

Download this musical storytelling app, one filled with excitement and engages kids to keep on watching and stay put. Tab the play button to start watching the full screen video. We guarantee that your kids will fall in love with it. And so will other kids!

This is a must have musical storytelling entertainment for every parents for their kids.

App reviewed by iHeartThisApp
ChickyFox combines catchy melodies, whimsical lyrics, colorful artwork, and smooth animations to give kids a musical storytelling app which they can have fun, enjoy, and sing along with. Although this is a simple app, kids will definitely be playing with this again and again.

Main Features: 

- 2 in 1 version : Two high definition videos with two different music genres.
- Photos : The best six tagline wallpapers
- Read for me : This app will read it for your kids.
- A music video puzzle (full version only)
- Whimsical music
- Adorable illustration

Main Characters

- Chicky Dad
- Chicky Mom
- Chicky Chilly (The Pink One)
- Adorable Characters