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dkm Samurai Sudoku

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Samurai Sudoku is a challenging 5-grid Sudoku puzzle. It follows the same rules as Sudoku in that every row, column and block of each of the five grids must contain the numbers "1" to "9". Where the grids overlap, the rows and columns do not go beyond their usual length but the interlocking blocks give you more clues.

Features include:

- Choose from four difficulty levels.
- Extensive solving aids from a gentle hint to a step by step walkthrough on solving next cell when advanced techniques are required.
- Option to fill in all possible values for each cell.
- Use pencil to fill in possible cell values.
- Undo all the way back to beginning.
- Return to any incompleted puzzle at any time and continue where you left off.
- Two different modes to input cell values.
- Tutorials to teach some advanced solving techniques.