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This app calculates and displays your birth chart. Following are the main features of this program:

- Choice of Zodiacs i.e Vedic Sidereal, Tropical, New Tropical
- Displays Birth Chart in Western, North and South Indian styles
- Displays Divisional (Harmonic) charts i.e. D2,D3,D4,D5,D6,D7,D8,D9,D10,D11,D12,D16,D20,D24,D27,D30,D40,D45,D60
- Displays planetary positions with respect to Zodiacal Signs as well as Vedic Nakshatras.
- Choice of 7 different house systems which includes Placidus, Koch,Ragiomontanus,Campanus,Poryphyry.
- Displays Gauquelin 36 chart.
- Aspects between planets with user configurable orbs.
- Search location using iOS Geocoder.
- Option to use Glyphs for North and South Indian Charts.
- Load and Save horoscopes
- Displays Ashatakavarga for each house.
- Displays Planetary Strength (Shadabala) as total strength as well as itemized strength.
- Calculate Planetary Periods i.e. Vimshottari and Yogini Dasa. Includes Mahadasa, Antardasa and Pratyantar.
- Calculate Transits for any date and time.
- 30 day ephemeris from the transit day.
- Transits are also calculated for Dasa/Subdasa/Pratynater by simply clicking a button.
- Solar Return Chart (Varsha Kundali) for the place of birthday.
- Synastry Aspects for horoscope matching.
- KP Charts, KP House and Planet information for Nakshatra Lord and Sub-Lord.
- Planet Analysis By Signs (Exalted, Fall etc) and House Analysis.
- Aspect Grid.
- Solar Arc Direction for Prediction.
- Secondary Direction for Prediction
- Configure to set chart style, default location information, mean or true North Node (South Node) positions.
- Capability to zoom charts.
- Choice of Hindi/Sanskrit names for Planets and Signs.
- View & Email charts as a PDF attachment.

Ayanamsa can be now customized from Lahiri,Raman,KP and others for Sidereal Zodiac.