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Pinguin's life

iPhone / iPad
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  • Entertainment
  • Role Playing
  • Simulation
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"A pinguin's life" is a game similar to the famous "Tamagoshi" or the Sims. You have the destiny of a young pinguin in your hands and you must manage his life.

The game has 3 steps : Child, Adult, Old.

During the chilhood, you must increase the abilities of your pinguin. You can make him :

- Study
- Plays video games
- Do sport
- Read
- Use computer
- Play guitar
- Dance
- Watch TV
- Sleep
- Eat
- Clean

Each action makes him evolve. His appearance will change according to your choice.

Become Geek and your pinguin will wear a "42 Tee shirt".
Do sport and he'll gain muscles.
Spend times to read and he'll wear glasses.
Live in a dirty place without sleep and he'll change into zombi.
Lot of combination exist, Geek and Strong will make him look like Superman. Geek and bad will make him look like a pirate etc...

The adult step adds new features :

- Find a job : Start with the lower job possible : "Table Leg" in a restaurant. Then evolve and try better jobs.
More than 21 jobs are availables : "bowling pin", "Soccer ball", "dictator", "Grim reaper", "mad scientist", "Rocker", "Sumo" etc...
With the money you'll win, buy some new stuff for your house, and buy crazy weird pet.

- Find a wife : Go out and have fun. Nightclub, gym, museum, graveyard, restaurant... Each place has a female pinguin to seduce.
If you succeed, the mariage will arrive soon.

- Have a child : After mariage, it's time to think about having child. Your son will have your characteristics and those of your wife. The next generation is more and more skillfull and can have high levels jobs.

The old step is more calm, you'll have to talk with your family, take care of your pets. Your family will be happy to hear your story full of experience.

Succeed in having the ultima job for see the end of the game. You won't forget that ending for sure... (Le teasing !)

Warning : This game is not serious at all. The goal is to laugh and nothing else.

All the text are in english, frensh or chinese